Flat Roof Repair Options For Mobile Homes

flat roof repair options for mobile homes

Mobile homes with flat roofs are particularly at risk for water damage and leaks. The lack of a slope offers little water movement, unlike the natural downflow peaked roofs encourage. To this point, catching and repairing roof damage is vital before things worsen. As you consider the extent of the damage and your budget, you’ll…

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Sustainable Roof Materials Making a Difference

sustainable roof on a city building

Sustainability is quickly becoming more present in all sectors of construction, style, cars, and food. With our dwindling amount of natural resources, switching to sustainable and eco-friendly options sounds better by the year. And yes-this applies to roofing, too. The majority of sustainable roof materials work to cool your home from the top-down, reducing energy…

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The Anatomy of a Roof Explained

Everything that a roof is composed of

To install a new roof or have one replaced can be complicated for a number of reasons. You have to make decisions on a number of things that change the quality and price of your investment. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the anatomy of a roof to properly communicate with your roofer.…

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7 Popular Roof Types & Styles

roof styles you can enjoy to look at

The roof types adorning our homes have more than just an aesthetic purpose. Some designs are meant to jetty water and snow back down to the ground, while others are crafted with more durability and strength in mind. In any case, the style of your roof will impact its overall appearance and even how long…

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Will A New Roof Increase Home Value?

roofer increasing value of home by replacing roof

Visually speaking, a new roof is one of the best ways to increase a home’s value and appeal. Quite a few home renovations accomplish this same feat, but with the high price tag of a complete roof replacement, we often wonder if it’s really worth the extra time and money. Will a new roof increase…

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Flat Roof Vs. Shingle Roof – A Quick Comparison

rooftop view of hundreds of homes

When designing a building, there are so many components to consider. One of those components that need focused attention in selecting a roof that will fit your building. Depending on factors like location, design aesthetics, size, and cost, you may want to compare the available options to determine which one is appropriate for your project.…

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How To Install a Skylight On A Shingle Roof

Commercial and industrial buildings install different features that improve the overall functionality and productivity of everyone inside. One example of a feature you can add is a VRF system that’s twice as strong and effective as an HVAC system. Another one is replacing old electrical systems with ones that can provide energy efficiency. Why not…

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Comparing A Flat Roof House Vs. Pitched

Choosing the best roofing system is one of the most crucial decisions due to the several factors you need to consider. Comparing a flat roof house vs. pitched roof house requires more consideration than just aesthetics. The fundamental features of your roof can predominantly affect your property’s structural integrity and stability.  Business owners are now…

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How Long Does It Take To Replace A Shingle Roof?

One of the most popular questions roofing customers asks is “How long does it take to replace a shingle roof?” Generally speaking, most homes with a shingle roof take between 1-3 days but it’s not the case with every roof. In extreme cases, it can take as long as two weeks when if there are…

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Best Time To Replace A Roof In Durham Region

roof replacement on a residential home in Oshawa

If you live in the Durham Region, Toronto or (anywhere in Southern Ontario for that matter) we’re all in the same boat when it comes to finding the best time to replace a roof. The summers are humid and can be extremely hot while the winters can be brutally cold. So when is the best…

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