Roof Maintenance Tips For Spring Season In The Durham Region

Whether you’re in Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering or Ajax, spring invites thunderstorms, budding trees, and a rebirth of everything green. The growing season in the Durham Region can also have negative impacts on your home’s roof. Clogged gutters, storm damage, and encroaching trees can all do a weighty amount of damage to your roof if you aren’t taking a few precautions to prevent it. A home roof inspection in Oshawa ON may be necessary for some. Fortunately for homeowners everywhere, spring roof maintenance is a simple task. Just like preparing your AC for summer, it will leave you with a season-long peace of mind. Here are a few roof maintenance tips to follow this season.

Check For Shingle Damage

The shingles on your roof have an important duty: protecting your home. They’re the first line of defense against water, wind, and debris, which makes them a priority on the spring roof maintenance list. You’ll want to look for shingles that are curling, cracked, missing, or loose.

checking for damage on your roof as part of your spring roof maintenance

To check, you can take a look from the ground, but you’ll be slightly limited by distance. Use a sturdy ladder to climb up and take a closer look if you’re comfortable-make sure you have a friend along for safety.

Carefully cover your entire roof, looking for signs of shingle damage as well as popped nails. Popped nails are nails that begin to pop up and out of their base, usually taking the shingle with them. A popped nail can open up a shingle to water and cause it to blow off in strong winds.

One of many roof maintenance tips is to fix popped nails

Bring a hammer with you and pound in any popped nails you see to prevent that issue. If you spot a large number of damaged shingles or patches of missing shingles, you may need to schedule a roof patch job or a roof replacement to get your home suited up for spring. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

Spring showers and budding plant life can quickly clog up your gutters, especially if they’re still carrying debris and gunk from last year. You can eliminate this potential issue by scooping out any leaves, twigs, and other organic debris from your gutters.

spring in durham region clogs gutters
One of the best roof maintenance tips is to unclog your gutters

It’s important to scoop out the debris, as attempting to flush it out with a hose can end up clogging your downspouts prematurely. Use a specified gutter shovel to avoid damage or get in there with your (gloved) hands. A tarp placed below you can help catch debris and make clean-up a breeze. 

Treat Any Mold or Algae You Find

During your initial roof inspection, and as you’re checking the state of your shingles, you’ll likely notice if you have a mould or algae problem. Created by moisture, mould and algae require special treatment to remove their unsightly presence.

Mould and algae are largely a cosmetic issue, as their green taint can affect curb appeal. Use a special mould or algae treatment spray to fix this issue.

Don’t lug a powerwasher up and try to remove it that way, as the strong water pressure can do more damage to your roof than the green stains are worth. Look for non-toxic formulas that are safe for the grass and trees around your house as part of your spring roof maintenance.

Check Your Chimney And Flashing

The structure of your chimney can wear down over time, leading to cracks and dangerous leaning. Though you’ll need the help of a professional to fix problems with your chimney, it’s a good idea to catch issues before they become damaging to the rest of your roof, or even dangerous.

check chimney and flashing for roof maintenance in the spring in Oshawa

The metal flashing around your chimney and vents should also be examined. You’ll want to ensure the flashing is lying flush and water-tight, as it is designed to be. Lifting or popped nails signal a need for replacement or repair. That’s one of our preventative roof maintenance tips that is best left to roofing experts.

Inspect Your Attic For Water Damage

Though your attic isn’t technically your roof, it still makes the spring roof maintenance checklist for two reasons. One, finding signs of water damage in the ceilings or walls of your attic is a good indication of a performance issue in your roof, potentially one that requires a roof replacement. Two, finding mould or mildew indicates that you need more ventilation in your attic to properly vent moisture and condensation from your home. A visual inspection of your attic can clue you in on both issues, helping you catch any hidden problems and fix them before they become catastrophic. 

Check For Pests and Nests

Birds and furry rodents may enjoy your roof just as much as you do. Squirrels and other vermin may be tempted to dig or nest in weak areas of your roof or make a run for your attic space if your vents are not properly protected. Nests and rodent life can block the vents in your attic or lead to shingle damage, neither of which you want. A visual inspection of your roof and vents will likely be enough to clue you in on any animal life sharing your roof. If you spot any, be careful in the removal process. Be sure to call animal control for large nests and burrows, as well as for bee or wasp nests. 

Schedule A Roofing Inspection

A roofing inspection from the most professional roofing company in Durham is the most effective way to cover all your bases when it comes to spring roof maintenance. Professional help will ensure that all potential problems have been identified and that a plan for a solution is in place. Biannual inspections help maintain the life of your roof throughout the years and prevent the major repairs that all homeowners dread.

Call today or request a quote on your project.

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