Roof Replacement Tips For The Durham Region

roof replacement tips for durham region

As spring begins to unfold and the days warm up, you might be thinking about a maintenance project for your home. After all, it’s about time that we get our home in tip-top shape before the summer rush comes. If you live in Durham Region and you have a shingled roof, then you are in…

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How Hot Do Black Flat Roofs Get In Oshawa?

game of thrones meme on hot roofs

We know that roofs bear the brunt of sun, rain, and wind when it comes to protecting our homes, but the effects of those forces are often less known. Cracking, bubbling, blistering, and general damage are all common long-term side effects of heat and water. Black flat roofs in Oshawa are no different. So how hot…

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Sustainable Roof Materials Making a Difference

sustainable roof on a city building

Sustainability is quickly becoming more present in all sectors of construction, style, cars, and food. With our dwindling amount of natural resources, switching to sustainable and eco-friendly options sounds better by the year. And yes-this applies to roofing, too. The majority of sustainable roof materials work to cool your home from the top-down, reducing energy…

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The Anatomy of a Roof Explained

Everything that a roof is composed of

To install a new roof or have one replaced can be complicated for a number of reasons. You have to make decisions on a number of things that change the quality and price of your investment. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the anatomy of a roof to properly communicate with your roofer.…

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