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Make C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd. your first choice for commercial and residential roofing in Brock, Ontario. Our team of highly skilled roofers specializes in shingle installs and has one of the best ranges of repair and replacement solutions any Brock roofing company has to offer.

We guarantee you will never find a better install for the price you pay for your roof.

As your trusted roofing contractor, our team at C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd. covers every aspect of commercial and residential roofing in the Durham Region.

Ready to elevate your Brock property with exceptional roofing services? We’re your go-to experts for top-tier roofing solutions that prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. From seamless repairs to flawless installations, our dedicated team brings a blend of expertise and professionalism to every project. Experience the difference with our unwavering commitment to excellence—contact us today and let’s transform your roofing vision into reality!

female roofer replacing a shingle roof

Choose from any of the top leading brands

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Roofing services for businesses & homes

There’s no roof we can’t fix and no system we can’t improve or install. The most popular choice for homeowners in the Durham Region is a shingle roofing system. We offer many different types of shingles and carry the top shingle brands. BP is one of our top choices for a Canadian-made shingle leading the industry in technological advancements. The BP shingle has proven to be the most durable shingle to date with the lowest number of blown-off shingles due to the dual sealant strip.

An example of the best residential roofing Oshawa offers can be seen in this bungalow project

Fiberglass-asphalt shingles tend to be the most popular choice for roofing projects in Brock. Their all-around performance allows homeowners the comfort of a highly effective roofing system that is extremely cost-effective.

That doesn’t mean you should count out the options to install cedar shake, rubber membrane roofs, flat roofs or metal roofs. To get the best options for your home have one of our team members give you our best recommendation with options.

See what our clients have to say about our work!

Paul Beauvais
Paul Beauvais
We had our roof done nearly 10 years ago and it’s held up like new even with all the extreme weather we’ve had. Our house is 26 years old and it was time for eavestroughs, soffit etc. Darryl came to give us a quote. We had two others as well. Darryl was the only one that suggested not redoing our siding and he was right, after they inspected it and we cleaned it, it looks brand new. As for the work, Mike and Joe were the real artists. They took their time, they were on time every day and did an incredible job.with the details. They were not the cheapest, but I’ve discovered for the reasons mentioned above; you really do get what you pay for and did we ever get our money’s worth.
Called this company the day of the rain storm because of a small leak. They were so helpful and able to assess the area and determine the best and most reasonable option. The service team (Joe and Mike) were knowledgeable and experienced and completed an excellent job that same day. So happy and fortunate that the C.D. team was so responsive and efficient. Will definitely look to them for any future repairs or roofing services! No one wants a leaky roof, but when you do... Call C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd.!
Conroy Jordan
Conroy Jordan
I used CD Roofing and Construction Ltd. To have my Windows, Gables, Fascia and Garage doors redone with Vinyl Siding and Sheet Metal. I was referred by my neighbor and met with Ryan T for consultation. Ryan T guided me through the process and provided suggestions that were essential in making the decisions that worked best for the project. Ryan T was true to his words about the talent and knowledge of the workmen. Joe and Mike were professional, talented and knowledgeable about their trade. They were on time every day and did a tremendous job. They cleaned up after completing the job which was very satisfactory. I highly recommend CD Roofing and Construction Ltd to anyone wishing to have work done on their home. A. Jordan, Whitby ON
Linda Last
Linda Last
Turnbull Roofing did a complete roof replacement in 2020. We noticed a leak in the garage recently. When we called, we were informed they were no longer in business (Yikes!). CD Roofing stepped up to the plate (they have taken over the website & phone number for Turnbull). Darryl came the next day, identified the problem and fixed it as well as the flashing on the dormer window which had pulled away. Awesome company! I'd have no hesitation in recommending them.
David Sfiligoi
David Sfiligoi
Beware of C.D Roofing & Construction LTD, they might be ok to install a new roof but their after care service is appalling. You will most likely have problems if you need to make warranty claims. They purchased Turnbull Roofing back in late December 2022 / early January 2023. If you are a client from the acquisition and you got major problems with the installation from the company their purchased they will laugh at you and even offer Steven Turnbull and Robert Turnbull details to take it up with them.They are deceiving everyone when you call Turnbull Roofing , CD Roofing is the one that answers the phone and they keep operating the Turnbull Roofing website as if Turnbull still existed. If you are firm in your requests they start accusing you of being disrespectful, yet they are the only ones who uses inappropriate language. You actually have to chase and follow up with them for service. Any roofers worth their name knows when you see pictures like this that the whole roof was improperly nailed. I fixed 20 of those and the help they sent could not even see the nail that was put on top of the shingles. I also had to use proper caulking to properly seal the shingle they lifted when CD came to inspect my roof. Which they tell me is in great shape. I need a new roof a d CD Roofing is the last company I will use.
Sylvia Manr
Sylvia Manr
CD roofing came to our rescue. They worked tirelessly to fix another company’s install. Our only regret is not knowing about them first. We were immensely impressed with their professionalism and dedication to get the problem fixed. This is a company that stands behind what they do, show up, and get the job done right. We would recommend CD Roofing 100 per cent as a company that works with you and for you.
Balamurali Chandran
Balamurali Chandran
Worked with CD roofing through my insurance to replace the roof because of a small storm damage. The whole process was smooth from helping with selecting the shingles through installation and post work clean up. Will recommend for anyone looking to get their roof done!
Malcolm Gurley
Malcolm Gurley
CD Roofing & Construction replaced 2 skylights that were leaking and the outcome was excellent. I could not be happier! We just installed new windows and doors and a rep from the supplier, Consumers Direct, recommended CD Roofing to replace our old leaking skylights. Referrals are so important in selecting the right contractor to do a job properly and I really appreciated the referral. After checking into CD Roofing I could see that they are a well run operations and so I contacted them. The estimator, Darryl, was prompt, efficient, and knew what he was doing. His advice was valuable to me and the solution was just what I needed. The quote was competitive after checking with other quotes and so I went with CD Roofing. The installers, Devon, and his helper did an amazing job as they were able to carefully remove the old leaking skylights and install the new skylights by Velux without damaging the old roofing tiles. Being able to do an installation like this and being able to reinstall the roof tiles is not easy! They took their time and did this properly. As a local home owner and business owner in Durham, I strongly endorse CD Roofing & Construction.

Shingle roof replacement

Our shingle roofing services are top-notch and come with a 10-year workmanship warranty. In addition, you also get the manufacturer’s warranty on the type of shingle you choose.

C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd. is known specifically for high-level workmanship with lightning-fast turnaround times. Our team is efficient in providing high-quality roofing services from the estimate to clean up.

Not sure about what type of shingle to use?

There are several name brands to choose from. It can get a bit confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a shingle. Most homeowners opt for fibreglass asphalt shingles because of their durability and affordability. Our team can walk you through the many options you have available based on your needs and preferences.

Choose any of the following: Architectural shingles, designer shingles, wood shingles, wood shake, fibreglass shingles and more.

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What brand of shingle do we prefer?

BP is a Canadian shingles supplier that makes one of the industry-leading roofing shingles, rated the #1 wind-resistant shingle to date. The fact that they’re a Canadian company (as are most of our suppliers) makes them one of our first choices. We will never try to “sell” you on any shingle-we simply prefer to use Canadian-made products to support Canadian businesses. Having said that we do provide several designer/custom options for shingles that are sourced from across the border.

Flat roof repair Brock

One of the top services offered by our company is flat roof repair and replacement. We’ve completed hundreds of successful installations and provide three options for flat roofing in Brock; BUR (Built-Up Roof), Modified Bitumen and Rubber Membrane (EPMD, TPO and PVC).

For the best flat roofing installations in Brock contact us today for a quick and easy estimate.

Standing seam metal roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is an excellent option for businesses and homeowners who want a maintenance-free and long-lasting roof. Metal roofing protects from the various Canadian climate conditions throughout the year and is water-resistant, fire-safe and lightweight.

The beginning of a standing seam commercial roof project
Start of a standing seam metal project in Oshawa
Our team inspects the installation of a metal roof
Our team inspects the metal roof
Behind the building you can see the completed job from our Brock roofers
Shot from behind

All metal roofs last for 40-50 years. Every roof comes with a full warranty to guarantee you the peace of mind of a long-lasting metal roofing option. Most homeowners opt for a metal roof knowing that it will be the last time they need to think about a roof replacement. It’s a comfort that also adds substantial value to the resale price of your home.

Siding repair & installation

Repair and install the siding on your house with any of the following materials: Vertical, Horizontal, Vinyl, designer vinyl, board and batten. Choose from a wide variety of styles, colours and materials. We take custom orders and can work with you on creating ideas for the perfect siding on your home.

Soffit, Fascia and Eavestrough Brock

This project shows a beautiful job on a home's eavestrough. Brock roofing

Your eavestrough, soffit and fascia are vital to providing adequate drainage and ventilation in your home. We install and repair eavestroughs in Brock to ensure that your roofing system is working efficiently. Your gutter (eavestrough) should adequately direct water away from your home to prevent the possibility of water pooling in areas.

The soffit and fascia should be replaced if there are any problems with moisture or humidity. Failure to do so can lead to mould and decay.


Choose from the standard skylight designs or customize your own for a tailored fit. All of our technicians are skylight certified and our company is a gold standard installer. 

Give us a call to set up your roofing assessment. Our specialists are ready to give you a fast, easy and reliable skylight estimate that suits your needs and preferences.

Why are we your preferred roofing contractors?

C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd. is one of the best roofing companies Brock has to offer. The best roofing contractors in Brock Ontario must provide the best service at the best prices. It’s a goal we strive for daily.

Trust experience

Experience is a big factor in protecting the roof over your head. Our team of roofers is super-fast, reliable and dependable. Trust us to replace and install your roof with the highest standards of workmanship.

Over the years we’ve developed a long list of happy clients that have stuck with us throughout the years. We attribute our success to our top-notch customer service which has forged long-lasting relationships. Our unparalleled quality of roof repair and replacement is a testament to our commitment to our clients.

Affordable pricing and finance options

Our business model provides you with affordable options perfectly suited to the needs of your home. Replacing your roof can be a costly expense and we get that. There are financing options available to ensure you’re able to manage an adequate roofing solution that fits your budget. Enjoy the peace of mind and security of full coverage in a manageable payment plan.

Protecting Brock Properties: Our Premier Roofing Solutions

At CD Roofing & Construction Ltd., we’re proud to serve the Brock community with our top-quality roofing solutions. Our commitment extends beyond exceptional service—we strive to be your trusted local partner in maintaining the integrity of your property. Whether you’re in the heart of downtown Brock or nestled in the countryside, our team is here to safeguard your home or business. Explore our roofing expertise in Brock and discover how we can elevate your property’s protection and value.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about our services. We’re dedicated to being your reliable choice for roofing excellence in Brock.

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