Flat Roof Maintenance Checklist for Durham Homes

checklist for maintaining a flat roof in Durham region

Flat roof maintenance is often overlooked, but keeping your roof in good condition is crucial. Quality flat roofing materials like TPO membrane, ceramic tile, and EPDM rubber can last up to 50 years with the proper maintenance. But if maintenance is ignored, your roof will last half or less. Numerous factors cause flat roofs to…

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Roof Window or Skylight? Here’s How You Decide…

Skylights on a flat roof

A roof window or skylight are great choices, and not just for luxurious homes. They can fill the need in places that don’t get a lot of light. They are great for letting light into a large space made from an open floor plan.  Of course, if you have a spacious attic and want to…

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How Much is a Flat Roof Replacement in Durham Region?

how much does a flat roof cost per square foot

If you have a flat roof here in the Durham Region that has seen better days and needs more than patching, you’ll certainly wonder how much it’s going to cost to replace it. While flat roofs are certainly easier to walk on and work on than gable or pitched roofs, calculating the cost is not…

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Roof Replacement Tips For The Durham Region

roof replacement tips for durham region

As spring begins to unfold and the days warm up, you might be thinking about a maintenance project for your home. After all, it’s about time that we get our home in tip-top shape before the summer rush comes. If you live in Durham Region and you have a shingled roof, then you are in…

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How Hot Do Black Flat Roofs Get In Oshawa?

game of thrones meme on hot roofs

We know that roofs bear the brunt of sun, rain, and wind when it comes to protecting our homes, but the effects of those forces are often less known. Cracking, bubbling, blistering, and general damage are all common long-term side effects of heat and water. Black flat roofs in Oshawa are no different. So how hot…

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Roof Maintenance Tips For Spring Season In The Durham Region

roofing tips for the spring season in Durham Ontario

Whether you’re in Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering or Ajax, spring invites thunderstorms, budding trees, and a rebirth of everything green. The growing season in the Durham Region can also have negative impacts on your home’s roof. Clogged gutters, storm damage, and encroaching trees can all do a weighty amount of damage to your roof if you…

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Flat Roof Repair Options For Mobile Homes

flat roof repair options for mobile homes

Mobile homes with flat roofs are particularly at risk for water damage and leaks. The lack of a slope offers little water movement, unlike the natural downflow peaked roofs encourage. To this point, catching and repairing roof damage is vital before things worsen. As you consider the extent of the damage and your budget, you’ll…

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Sustainable Roof Materials Making a Difference

sustainable roof on a city building

Sustainability is quickly becoming more present in all sectors of construction, style, cars, and food. With our dwindling amount of natural resources, switching to sustainable and eco-friendly options sounds better by the year. And yes-this applies to roofing, too. The majority of sustainable roof materials work to cool your home from the top-down, reducing energy…

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The Anatomy of a Roof Explained

Everything that a roof is composed of

To install a new roof or have one replaced can be complicated for a number of reasons. You have to make decisions on a number of things that change the quality and price of your investment. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the anatomy of a roof to properly communicate with your roofer.…

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7 Popular Roof Types & Styles

roof styles you can enjoy to look at

The roof types adorning our homes have more than just an aesthetic purpose. Some designs are meant to jetty water and snow back down to the ground, while others are crafted with more durability and strength in mind. In any case, the style of your roof will impact its overall appearance and even how long…

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