Best Roofing in Whitby Award

C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd. was named the “Best Roofing in Whitby” award for 2023 by Quality Business Awards. For many, this award comes as no surprise. There are a lot of lifetime clients that will speak to how well they are taken care of and would go nowhere else for a roof repair or replacement project.

best roofing in Whitby Award

A testament to customer satisfaction

C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd. recently took over for Turnbull Roofing. As a veteran company in the roofing industry, Turnbull has established a trusted name and provided quality care for its clients. Having said that, since the acquisition C.D. Roofing & Construction has been taking care of an exceedingly large number of aftercare requests. The calls have been coming in after the storms with high-speed winds (as most calls would!)

C.D. Roofing & Construction will be honouring the warranties provided by Turnbull Roofing clients just as they would their own.

In light of the aftercare requests, it should be noted that C.D. Roofing & Construction Ltd. is a platinum installer for BP Shingles. There have been NO requests to repair blown-off shingles this year from the clients that chose BP shingles and had them installed by C.D. Roofing & Construction.

We welcome new clients and are thankful to the existing clients for the wonderful reviews. As the “The Best Roofing in Whitby Award” suggests, our quality does not go unnoticed.

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